Welcome to Notre Domme News – a companion to Notre Domme, where submissives and slaves are trained to serve properly in a variety of disciplines. It is time to make your fantasy of slave training a reality.

Notre Domme  has a full training program with hundreds of courses to train submissives and slaves to serve Female dominants in a variety of disciplines: body positions, handwriting training, mental control, obedience, household slaves, fetish training, and much more.

“A slave’s life is mostly composed of patience and study. Yes, study. If not with actual books, then following the example of greater, senior slaves. Or learning every nuance of their owner’s character, so that they can more completely and seamlessly offer themselves at the right time and in the right manner.” -Laura Antoniou

A word from the Headmistress of Notre Domme, Goddess Sue:

I’ve long dreamed of creating a training website like Notre Domme. I’ve spent years keeping detailed notes of the training that I’ve led, working on Notre Domme in my spare moments and training my best boys to act as Teacher’s Pets to work on the site for me.

I don’t see Notre Domme as the final word in slave training (yet!), however it is an amazing start. And built for growth. With over 500 active courses in a variety of disciplines, it is definitely moving towards my ultimate goal of a comprehensive training site.

In addition to traditional slave/submissive training programs and rituals, my own personal slave/submissive training programs and rituals, there is also a wide selection of “continuing education” courses. I strongly believe that the best submissives and slaves are well rounded and constantly improving themselves, not only as servants but also as humans (or subhumans, in some cases!).

Built into the training is strict discipline. This trains the submissive and slave to be disciplined even as they are learning specific subject material. Through a combination of educational software and strong disciplinary measures, the structure is implicit in every aspect of the site.

Notre Domme differs from other online training websites that I’ve seen in two distinct ways:

  1. It is not all theory. Training is put into structured practice at Notre Domme. While there is reading and theory and quite a bit of focus on the “why this is done” sprinkled throughout the lessons, the primary focus of Notre Domme is teaching the “how this is done” –
    1. how to kneel
    2. how to serve
    3. how to dress
    4. how to obey
    5. how to _____ (fill in the blank)
  2. It is not a Femdomme porn site. While there is a bit of visual candy sprinkled throughout, it is only as illustration to support the training process. The focus of Notre Domme is not to amuse, entertain or titillate submissive fantasies. The focus of the entire site is to train submissives and slaves to serve their Dominant, not the other way around.

This distinction between Notre Domme and other sites is made for clarity, not to disparage any other sites. Other training sites serve their purpose, my site just has a clearly different objective: to put into practice the training methodologies in order to make fantasy into reality.

This distinction is also made so that those who enter the hallowed doors know that they are going to be expected to do the hard work, accept the strict discipline and learn the material presented. The benefits are substantial, after all you’ll be of use to your Dominant in real and tangible ways, but the benefits aren’t cheap. This is real, hard work.

So stop reading and GET TO WORK!


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